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Critical Financial Discussions To Have With Your Aging Parents & Kids (Ep.44)

Having conversations about family wills can be tough. How do you start that conversation from one family to another?

In this episode, Jeff and Lauren share some advice surrounding the later stages of life and what they entail in terms of finances. They also highlight how discussing these things, despite how morbid they may sound, is so important and will benefit everyone in the long run.

Jeff and Lauren discuss:

  • The important discussions about wills that should happen between parents and children in the parents’ later stages of life
  • The importance of uploading, saving, and giving access to financial wills to other family members
  • How medical directors can serve your best interest in the future
  • How they extend their relationships with clients and allow themselves to be a resource to many families
  • And more!

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Money Conversations Every Couple Should Be Having (Ep.43)

Spouses can oftentimes be surprised by the changing dynamic of their marriage in retirement.

In this episode, Jeff Green talks with Dr. John Vincent a psychologist and a marriage and family therapist to discuss what marriage can look like when one or more spouses have retired. They also highlight the importance of communication between each partner when outlining financial goals before and during retirement.

Dr. John Vincent discusses:

  • What issues can generate conflicts between a couple 
  • How the transition from working full-time to retiring can affect a marriage
  • The conflicts that can arise once both spouses have retired outside of financial affairs
  • What possibilities open up once both spouses have entered the retirement stage
  • And more!


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