How To Keep Our Kids Safe In An Online World (Ep. 57)

October is Cybersecurity Month.  Most of the time when we are talking about cybersecurity in the financial services and retirement planning industry, we are thinking about financial fraud, identity theft, and other scams that might affect the elderly.  But what about our children and teenagers we know, who lead very public digital lives and are just as susceptible – maybe more – to nefarious things happening online?

In this episode of The Green Zone Podcast, Jeff and Lauren talk to Rania Mankarious, CEO of Crimestoppers Houston and Author of “The Online World: What You Think You Know & What You Don’t,” about the important (and shocking!) things parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers need to know about what’s going on in the online world for our kids and teens.  Together, they discuss:

  • The origins and impact of Crimestoppers Houston
  • The types of crimes and predators our children could potentially be facing online, from as early as elementary school and into their 20’s
  • The critical mindset shifts parents and caregivers need to make in order to adjust to and navigate our increasingly digital world
  • Tactics caregivers can adopt to more effectively communicate with and keep our children safe online
  • And more!

Note: Raymond James is not affiliated with and does not endorse the services of Rania Mankarious or Crimestoppers Houston.

Podcast recorded on 9/1/22.


About Our Guest: Rania Mankarious, CEO of Crimestoppers Houston, Author & Podcast Host

Rania Mankarious is a writer, on-air analyst, and CEO of Crime Stoppers Houston. Lover of people, their stories and our future, she has been seen and heard on national/local TV and radio for over a decade as a legal, family, crime, mental health, and parenting expert. She has a weekly column: Sunday Mornings with Rania and is the host of The Balanced Voice Podcast. A widely recognized face and voice, Mankarious has been known to break stories locally and nationally that hit the core of what women and families care about.

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