SheSpace: A Community for Bold, Ambitious Woman (Ep. 67)

March is Women’s History Month, a time when we commemorate the social, political, economic and cultural achievements of women. And those big accomplishments have to start somewhere… perhaps it’s at SheSpace, a women’s co-working space and community located in Houston, Texas. Jeff Green and Lauren Smith recently sat down with Stephanie Tsuru, Co-Founder of SheSpace, to learn more about the humble beginnings and big plans for the women of SheSpace. In this conversation, they discuss:

  • Why SheSpace felt like a need in the Houston community
  • Why women need a dedicated place to learn, study, connect and flourish
  • How the co-founders got started – and the ways they’ve pivoted as they’ve grown
  • The ways in which SheSpace serves the women of Houston, including multiple levels of membership options
  • The intentional build out process for constructing the right atmosphere for the building and how they continue to evolve to meet the needs of their members
  • And more!

About Our Guest: Stephanie Tsuru, Co-Founder of SheSpace

Stephanie Tsuru comes from a long line of female trailblazers. Her grandmother, widowed at 55, remained on the family farm in northern Missouri to successfully run the operation through blizzards and droughts. This woman even had the audacity to wear pants! She raised Stephanie’s mother, a small-town farm girl, who at the age of 22, left rural America with her new husband and flew 24 hours to live in Marrakesh, Morocco. Her parents’ wanderlust lifestyle worked out nicely for Stephanie, who was later born on the outskirts of Paris. After working her way through college in a steel mill (hard hat and steel-toed boots included) she piled her belongings into her bluebird-colored car that she purchased with her steel mill earnings and drove 1,300 miles away. (No radio or phone but lots of singing.)

As her 60th birthday approached, Stephanie decided she had the energy, passion and commitment to see another adventure through. In homage to her mother and grandmother and to leave a legacy for her daughters, granddaughters and the deep pool of women in Houston, she decided the time was right for her to launch her first entrepreneurial venture, SheSpace.

Stephanie’s mantra believes in the power of SHE. We will provide a home away from home to build a community of bold, intrepid and fearless women. We will push and lift each other to create, learn, inspire, and grow to be better tomorrow than we are today.

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