Is Your Financial Advisor Showing You The Love? (Ep. 79)

Does your portfolio feel as dusty as an unopened box of chocolates? Do investment meetings only happen when it’s time to “buy, buy, buy”? If your financial advisor’s idea of love is the occasional market update email, it’s time to ask yourself: is this all there is?

In this special Valentine’s Day episode of The Green Zone Podcast, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith dig deep into the hallmarks of a truly loving financial relationship. We’re talking about advisors who:

  • Ditch the one-size-fits-all approach and listen to your unique goals, dreams (and yes, even pet inheritance plans!)
  • Challenge you with honest conversations, even when it means saying “no” to that risky investment your friend’s mom’s brother’s advisor recommended.
  • Become your financial cheerleader, helping you dream big and plan for the future you deserve, not just meet basic needs.
  • Treat you like family, understanding your values and priorities, and celebrating your financial wins (big and small!).
  • Proactively reach out, keeping you informed, on track, and feeling confident about your financial future.
  • And more…

Plus, get access to a PDF that shares 50 concrete ways your advisor should be showing you the financial love.

Whether you’re seeking a second opinion, wondering what’s really going on with your portfolio, or simply yearning for a true financial partner, we’ve got you covered.

Tune in to the podcast and discover how to find an advisor who not only cares about your investments, but also cares about your entire financial well-being.


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