Answering the Question, “When Can I Retire?” (Ep. 21)

Setting up your future takes time, knowledge, and expertise. This is especially true when planning for retirement. 

However, when you hire a financial advisor, figuring out how and when you can retire becomes a lot easier.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith reveal the tools they use to help clients answer the question, “When can I retire?” Plus, they discuss their answers to other commonly asked wealth planning questions and share ways you can start preparing for retirement today.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Green Financial Group conducts feasibility studies to evaluate your retirement timeline
  • When most people start to plan for retirement
  • How to get the highest value for your Social Security
  • Whether it’s ideal to pay off your house
  • And more!

Join us today to learn Jeff Green’s and Lauren Smith’s advice around planning for your retirement!