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The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in Your College Planning (Ep. 32)

The biggest mistake you can make is to wait to start planning for your college savings. The process may be much more complicated than you expect, and it’s important to have time on your side.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith share their insights about the college planning process and what you should keep in mind as you save money for your child’s education.

Jeff and Lauren discuss: 

  • The average fees and tuition costs for college students
  • The variety of sources your college money can come from
  • How to find out if your child qualifies for financial aid
  • How family members and friends can contribute to a child’s education
  • And more


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Should I Pay Off My House Before I Retire? With Jim Chaplin (Ep. 28)

We all have those burning questions about planning for retirement. One of the most commonly asked questions that people want to know is, “Should I pay my house off before I retire?”

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk with Jim Chaplin, vice president/senior mortgage loan originator at Elite Lending Group to get his perspective on the topic.

Jim Chaplin discusses: 

  • The items to take into consideration before deciding to pay off your mortgage before retirement
  • The backseat figures of making the decision
  • The state of the real estate market right now and how this may impact your decision
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Jim Chaplin: Jim Chaplin has a total of 30 plus years of real estate related experience. Licensed Texas Real Estate Broker since 1974 which makes him very familiar with promulgated contract documents. Specialties include, lot loans, and construction loans as well as a wide range of mortgage products.


How to Protect Your Aging Relative with a Caregiving Plan (Ep. 27)

How will you step up when the time comes to fully support an aging relative? This is a question that will face more and more people as science and medicine continue to extend human life expectancy.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith hit a few of the hot points to help you begin having these tough conversations with family members about their wishes and plans. 

We discuss:

  • How to start thinking about the recipient’s needs
  • Why it’s important to make decisions and have documents in place before cognitive impairments become overwhelming
  • How to prioritize your mental and physical health as a caregiver
  • And more!

Tune in as Jeff and Lauren help you to start thinking about a caregiving plan for your aging relatives!

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Spring Cleaning – with guests Carroll Cartwright, Paige Ebanks and Rudy Vierra (Ep. 26)

Spring is finally here! And do you know what that means?

It’s spring cleaning time!

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith are joined by Carroll Cartwright and Paige Ebanks of Neatly Houston to discuss how they put a fresh perspective on organizing, styling and moving to clean and tidy your home. Rudy Vierra of SteaMyCar joins in on the conversation to share how your car can get the best wash and interior clean it has ever had.

We discuss:

  • The process for having Neatly come clean your home
  • Tips to help get you into the spring cleaning mindset
  • The eco-friendly car wash process service by SteaMyCar
  • The types of services offered by SteaMyCar
  • And more!

Tune in to learn how you can outsource to save time and avoid the spring cleaning most of us dread! 

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Tech Tools to Make Your Life Easier (Ep. 25)

In a world full of technology, there are many tools and apps that can help make your life easier and more entertaining.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith take a little break from finance and explore the world of technology. In this fun-packed episode, they discuss many different types of apps they find useful and explain the functionality of each one of the apps. 

We discuss:

  • Two business-related tools to help you at work
  • Two travel-related tools to use when you’re planning your next trip
  • Two cybersecurity tools to keep you protected
  • Four health and wellness tools to stay mentally and physically healthy
  • And more!

Join Jeff and Lauren as they share the specifics of each tool, how they work and why they love them!

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Transition into Retirement with a Coach as Your Guide — With Cindy Wylie (Ep. 24)

Change can be a good thing. However, the uncertainty of moving forward can spark fear and create stress.

This is especially true with major transitions, like retirement. 

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith sit down with Cindy Wylie, a career and life transition coach, to explore how coaches can make this transition easier for you as a new retiree. They reveal how a coach can help you identify your values early on and ways they can help ease you into retirement.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • A coach’s role around the transition from work to retirement
  • The importance of identifying your personal values
  • How someone like Cindy can help you through transition into retirement
  • And more!

Join Jeff, Lauren, and Cindy to learn how you can benefit from hiring a coach for your retirement!

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Your 2021 Tax Planning Guide (Ep. 23)

Tax season has rolled around once again!

Get ready to kick-off your tax season with this information-packed episode with Jeff Green and Lauren Smith. They discuss some of the recent tax changes you might want to be mindful of this year while breaking down the tax strategies clients are asking about most these days.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The new IRA contribution age limit
  • Why you need to know about spousal IRAs
  • Updates to IRA contribution limits this year
  • Qualified charitable distributions
  • And more!

Join Jeff Green and Lauren Smith now to learn about the latest considerations that will help you file your taxes this year! 

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The World of Insurance — With Marissa Sweet (Ep. 22)

Most people don’t realize they don’t have insurance coverage until it’s too late! 

We don’t want you to be one of those people.

To help you get a jump start on your insurance know-how, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith welcome Marissa Sweet from Sweet Insurance Services for today’s episode. In this insightful discussion, Marissa reveals ways you keep insurance top of mind so that you’re protected in the case of the unexpected.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Marissa’s services and why Green Financial Group started working with her
  • Why you don’t want to be on autopilot with your insurance
  • What makes Marissa stand out in the insurance landscape
  • How professionals like Marissa can guide you around your coverage
  • And more!

Join Marissa, Jeff, and Lauren now to learn about an insurance experience that could bring a new layer of protection to your life!

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Answering the Question, “When Can I Retire?” (Ep. 21)

Setting up your future takes time, knowledge, and expertise. This is especially true when planning for retirement. 

However, when you hire a financial advisor, figuring out how and when you can retire becomes a lot easier.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith reveal the tools they use to help clients answer the question, “When can I retire?” Plus, they discuss their answers to other commonly asked wealth planning questions and share ways you can start preparing for retirement today.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Green Financial Group conducts feasibility studies to evaluate your retirement timeline
  • When most people start to plan for retirement
  • How to get the highest value for your Social Security
  • Whether it’s ideal to pay off your house
  • And more!

Join us today to learn Jeff Green’s and Lauren Smith’s advice around planning for your retirement!


What Might 2021 Bring to the Stock Market? (Ep. 20)

As we continue through the COVID-19 pandemic and see a new administration enter the White House, what might investors see in 2021 when it comes to the stock market?

In this episode, join Jeff Green and Lauren Smith as they share an open conversation around their thoughts about the coming year based on the current economic, political, and social climate. They chat about pressing demands for more COVID-19 relief for consumers and businesses and reveal the impact this year might have on various industries.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • What’s happening in the stock market 
  • How industries like tech and oil industries might fare this year
  • How tightening regulations are impacting the stock market
  • The best way to stay proactive in the market 
  • And more!

Join us today for Jeff Green and Lauren Smith’s perspective on the economy and stock market in 2021!

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