Adulting 101: Money Moves To Master By Age 25 (Ep. 81)

Picture this: your child is graduating and venturing into the real world. Do you feel confident that they’re financially prepared?

In this episode of The Green Zone Podcast, co-hosts Jeff Green and Lauren Smith share their top financial tips that they feel young adults need to understand by age 25. Together they discuss:

  • The importance of financial literacy and starting good money habits early
  • The three basic financial principles they feel all young adults need to embrace: living debt-free, establish an emergency fund and thinking about retirement early
  • Understanding where your money goes each month (and how to create a budget)
  • The importance of not over-relying on parents or family members for financial support
  • Why you must look at the total compensation package when considering a job (benefits, not just salary)
  • And more!


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