The Role Of Values In Retirement Planning (Ep. 82)

Do you know what “Retirement Values” are? And if so, do you know what yours will be?

In this episode of The Green Zone Podcast, hosts Jeff Green and Lauren Smith dive deep into the often overlooked topic of retirement values. They explore how understanding your personal values can profoundly impact your retirement planning and fulfillment in life after work. Through engaging conversation and insightful anecdotes, Jeff and Lauren guide listeners through the process of identifying and prioritizing their values, emphasizing the importance of introspection and self-discovery. Together they discuss:

  • Retirement as a transition from defining oneself by work to defining oneself by personal values
  • The challenge of identifying values, which are deeply personal and unique to each individual
  • Examples of retirement values, such as family, adventure, and philanthropy, and how they shape retirement lifestyles
  • The evolving nature of values over time and the importance of periodic reevaluation
  • Strategies for uncovering and prioritizing values, including mind mapping exercises and deep reflection
  • The impact of aligning retirement activities with core values on overall happiness and fulfillment
  • The role of gratitude in fostering positivity and enhancing retirement experiences
  • And more!

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