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Why The Timing of Market & Economic Cycles Is Important (Ep. 59)

2022 has been a volatile, tumultuous year for the market. As we move into the final quarter, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith offer up their opinions on what’s going on and how to think about that based on the timing of market and economic cycles. Together they discuss:

  • Why they believe we’re not currently in a Recession (and when it may be coming)
  • What types of investments that are generally strategic for: Bear Markets, Bull Markets & Recessions
  • The differences between Economic Cycles vs. Market Cycles
  • Different sectors that tend to do well in various types of markets and cycles
  • And more!

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COVID-19’s Continued Impact on the U.S. Economy: Our Predictions (Ep. 4)

Which industries will come back roaring after COVID-19 ends? What can the U.S. learn from this crisis? 

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith give their predictions on how the U.S. economy will be impacted by the peak, decline, and eventual end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • When COVID-19 is expected to peak and decline in the U.S.
  • Jeff’s prediction for the GDP growth rate by the fourth quarter
  • Which industry might be the first one to come roaring back 
  • What the U.S. can learn from this experience
  • Plus more!

Listen now for insights into how COVID-19 could continue to impact the U.S. economy.

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