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Changing Young Children’s Lives through Education: Charitable Giving, Part One With Rebecca Roberts and Glenn Okuma (Ep. 37)

CYCLE Houston is a nonprofit charity organization that uses bicycles to motivate kids to reach defined academic goals. 

Their goal for 2021 is to build 10,000 bicycles—and you can help.

In this episode, Jeff Green and Lauren Smith talk with Rebecca Roberts, executive director and Glenn Okuma, webmaster at CYCLE Houston. They share how their charity began, it’s mission, and how it is growing to help Houston children and students.

Rebecca and Glenn discuss: 

  • How CYCLE began and the overall mission of the organization
  • How this organization helps children reach their defined academic goals and how many bicycles they make in a year
  • How supply chain distributions have affected the organization
  • And more


Connect With Rebecca Roberts and Glenn Okuma:

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